“Art is resistance. It is action without violence. It changes hearts without breaking bodies”.


Information Age is the incendiary debut album by Irish hip-hop/electronic outfit Diatribe and The Crimson Underground.  In the tradition of conscious, underground hip-hop, Information Age addresses contemporary global issues with the gloves off! Investigative, subversive and socially aware lyrics punch with percussive force over dark, seditious beats and abstract, retro-futuristic hip-hop grooves. The results are intoxicating, life-affirming and inspiring.


MC Diatribe (Danny Lynch) and The Crimson Underground (Garvan McCann) are both from the city of Derry in the North West of Ireland. In Derry, politics plays a huge role in society and culture. Ideas and traditions are expressed through sport, language, music and iconic murals that peer down on the streets whose history they reflect. The political energy in Information Age emerges from this context with a message of unity, as opposed to division, egalitarianism instead of sectarianism. The content of the tracks range from war in Iraq and Afghanistan (Ruined Civilizations) to the subcultural world of graffiti culture (Fade/Cut).


Tracks from Information Age have already been featured on BBC Radio 1 Introducing with Phil Taggart and BBC Northern Ireland’s Electric Mainline and After Midnight with Stephen McCauley.  DTCU’s tracks are also making their way regularly on to Manchester’s own Groovement podcast.


Having headlined the opening of Culture Glitch in Ireland and performed at the Celtronic festival alongside artists, such as, Luke Vibert , Jazzsteppa and Boxcutter in 2011, DTCU are back in 2012 with their eagerly awaited Information Age album launch in the Unity Radio Bassment in Manchester on the 25th of May. Information Age will be coming to a venue near you! Watch this space…